Thursday, 30 July 2015

Tolerance and an open mind in Horn of the Kraken

            Balance in all things. In writing Horn of the Kraken I realised that I might wrongly vilify some people. The truth is politicks and privilege corrupt and to be honest a modern Pagan would probably find they had more in common with a Christian from the first or second century CE than with many of the Pagans of the time. Most Christians I have known have been descent people just trying to get by. For this reason, among others, I worked in the story of Abselema, a haugbui who follows the white god and proves a wise and good friend to our band of heroes.  It allowed me to show a different aspect of the faiths involved and touch on the universal nature of faith. Don’t get the impression that this book harps on things or preaches, it doesn’t. I use many things as a backdrop.

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