Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Guest blog at Kellan Publishing

            Just want to let you know that I have a guest blog going up at the Kellan Publishing site on July 25, 2015, that’s Saturday. I’ll be talking about my writing process and illustrating the way I work using my newest release Horn of the Kraken. So drop on by and enjoy.

Excerpt from blog:

            During the time period I was restricted to the Roman Church was backing some kings in a bid to conquer the Norse territories. Religious intolerance is a recurrent theme in my work. As a result this seemed a natural fit for a motivator.

            Looking further I found the rivalry between Eric Bloodaxe, a Pagan Norse King, Jarl, and his half brother, Hakon, who Rome backed in a bid to take the north. These two historical figures, and their conflict, gave me a backdrop with high stakes.

            For more drop in and read the blog at: www.kellanpublishing.com/wordpress

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