Sunday, 26 February 2017

Brian F.H. Clement reads at the Group Hex Vol#1. Launch

The author
readings recorded at the Group Hex Vol. #1 Book launch held on January 12, 2017
Group Hex is a
horror / paranormal anthology.
Part three: Featuring Brian F.H. Clement:
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Other Authors Featured:

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime:
Brian F.H. Clement:
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(anthology contributor and editor): Andrew Robertson:
Great Lakes Horror
Catering: Cardinal
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Stephen B. Pearl:

Also in Group Hex
Vol. #1
Douglas Smith :
Monica S. Kuebler:

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Stephen B. Pearl at Gryphcon

Stephen B. Pearl will be at Gryphcon March 3ed through 5th 2017.
: Held at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

During that time he’ll be running a FATE OF THE NORNS RAGNAROK game.

And a panel.

Forgotten realms for D and D. The world of War Craft books. The Star Wars Books and their relationship to the games, Fate of the Norns Ragnarok and Horn of the Kraken. Great books inspire games and great games inspire books. How the author can approach the challenge of writing in someone else’s sand box. Panelists: Stephen B. Pearl:

Along with his seven other novels and numerous stories, Stephen has written Horn of the Kraken set in the Fate of the Norns Ragnarok role-playing game universe:

Ed Greenwood, New York Times-bestselling creator of The Forgotten Realms® series of books had to say this about Horn of the Kraken –
HORN OF THE KRAKEN tells a vivid, stirring adventure tale that gives the reader a wild ride, but it also features that most enjoyable of reading experiences: characters who leap off the page and seem real, with all of their humor and anger and cutting comments. Great fun! Recommended!

Horn of the Kraken:

For more on Stephen and his works visit: : to buy visit: or drop by my dealer’s table the autograph is free.