Sunday, 22 November 2015

USB drives having your cake and eating it too.

Hi all,

            This is a blog entry about a great thing I came across. I have just come into a supply of Flash Drives, pictured above, from USB Memory direct.

             It has often been my experience when selling my novels at events that E-book readers tend to lose out. Sure, if they remember they can download fine books like Horn of the Kraken or Nukekubi when they get home, but after a fun day at the event who remembers the great book you heard about? Business cards do only half the job, since if you’re like me you get home exhausted from a convention, or what not, and then get busy. It can be a week or more before you sort through the piles of paper and cards from the event. By then you are often wondering why you took the card in the first place.

            With customised drives from USB Memory Direct that problem is solved. Small convenient and versatile the potential reader can walk away with book in hand and it is a lot easer to sign a flash drive with a felt tip then an carve your name into an e-reader, so even the autograph situation is solved by these simple customised drives.

            I selected a wood book exterior with the title of my novel on one side and my website URL on the other, but there are many styles to choose from or USB Memory Direct will work with you to design your own.

            In any case, if you want to find out more about this product please visit any of the below.
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