Monday, 26 December 2016

Movie Review Passengers

            I saw Passengers and while I have to say, it wasn’t the best movie ever I was pleasantly surprised. The science in it, while a little Hollywood, wasn’t glaringly stupid. The character interactions were those of real people. No perfect individuals and no complete monsters just people in an impossible situation trying to cope. To those who will fixate on the morally reprehensible action of some of the characters I suggest you put yourself in the situation they were in. None of us know how we will react to extreme situations and all of us fall from grace occasionally and have to seek redemption. The details in the set design really impressed me. Little things like the list of available medical procedures on the auto doc. The ship design I question but it wasn’t so bad as to invalidate the movie.
            In my opinion, they should have trimmed the man alone sequence a little. That said the fact that the leads worked the problems they faced and showed some intelligence and deductive reasoning was wonderful. If you don’t know crack a book, you may just survive.
            I’ll give it four out of five stars. Worth the half priced ticket I got in with.

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