Sunday, 8 July 2012

End of Polaris

            Well Folks I’m back from my Saturday at the Polaris Science Fiction Convention selling my books; Tinker’s Plague, Nukekubi and the anthologies my work has been included in Samhain, Yule and Morbid Seraphic.
The big news is Polaris as we know it is going the way of the dinosaurs. Yes, it’s growing feathers and taking to the sky, well really it’s being hit with a big rock, no no; it’s suffering a volcanic eruption, naa, its losing biodiversity then succumbing to plagues. Naa, it’s a mix of these and other factors. In sort, it’s dead, Jim! Yes Polaris 26 was the last incarnation of the con in its current form. In the fall of 2013 a new con will arise. Yes the son of Polaris will strap on the electrodes and bring down the lightning and return in a new form to lumber across the landscape of the Toronto science fiction community. Grab your foam pitchforks and shovels and give it a big LARP welcome.
            How this new incarnation will be I cannot say, but as for this Polaris it was OK. The roomer mill was working overtime and everybody was curious about the future.  Sales were Luke, I am your father, warm at the table I shared with Karen Dales beside Ira Nayman.
            I will say this; the cover of the Con booklet is imaginative. An exploding planet with space ships from various SF series flying away from it like escaping refugees ready to colonize new worlds.
            The people shooting the Chasing Atlantis Documentary were doing interviews. I took them up on their kind offer to be interviewed. They were extremely nice, pleasant and friendly. Please visit their website at: to find out more about this documentary about the Space Shuttle Program its impact and the impact of its demise. In a sense it was apropos that they were shooting for this documentary at the last Polaris.
            I missed the masquerade but saw the awards ceremony. The Darlecks were incredible. The astronomy in the parking lot was interesting with clear skies and “stellar” ;-) views of Saturn and several other celestial objects.
            All I can really do now is thank all the folks who have been involved with Polaris in the past and present. For twenty six years you have supplied a venue for entertainment and community, I salute you one and all my good will and best wishes go with you.

            Stephen B. Pearl, author, fan, friend and patron.

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